P90x Chest and Back Review

So yesterday was my first day of P90x. I did the chest and back routine. WOW! I’m really sore but it feels good. I feel like I got something accomplished. I did good with the pushups in the first round. I was pretty burnt out in the second round so I modified and went to the knees so I could get some better reps in. I was really surprised there was so little time between reps. I guess I might have taken too long of breaks when I worked out on my own. I cannot do pull-ups so I had to use a chair to assist me. The chair takes just enough weight off so that you can get in really good reps.

P90x Chest and Back Routine:

  1. Standard Push-ups
  2. Wide Front Pull-ups
  3. Military Push-ups
  4. Reverse Grip Chin-ups
  5. Wide Fly Push-Ups
  6. Closed Grip Overhand Pull-ups
  7. Decline Push-ups
  8. Heavy Pants
  9. Diamond Push-ups
  10. Lawnmowers
  11. Dive Bombers
  12. Back Fly’s

Chair Assisted Pull-Ups
P90x Pull-Ups

Above is what chair assisted pull-ups look like. You are not necessarily using your leg to push off the chair. The idea is to take some weight off by resting your leg on the chair. Let your arms do the work and avoid pushing off too hard with your leg.

P90x Dive Bombers
P90x Dive Bombers

If you still have enough in you at this point in the workout to do Dive Bombers you are either crushing this workout or not giving it enough. I managed 5 total but it is my first day of P90x so I’m OK with that. So after you finish the last move guess what. REPEAT the entire routine! Awesome!

Bowflex Selecttech 552 Dumbbells
Bowflex Selecttech 552 Dumbbells

I didn’t really have any problems with the dumbbell portion of the workout. I have experience lifting weights so I was comfortable with the different exercises. I thought about using bands but I decided on dumbbells. I went with the Bowflex Selecttech 552 dumbbells. There was a great deal on them so I jumped on it. Dumbbells are a little pricey so if you decide to use bands I think they will work just fine. I’m just a free weight guy. I really liked the pace of this workout and Tony Horton is great at giving instruction. It really felt like I was working with a personal trainer. If that’s the feeling the makers of P90x were going for then they succeeded. Great workout.

The only con with the dumbbells is that I had to pause the DVD to dial in the weight. I also had to pause to get lighter or heavier weight if it didn’t feel right. I did write down the weight and amount of reps I did for each exercise, so that should cut down time the next time. Tomorrow is Plyometrics!



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