Insanity Cardio Abs Review

Going into Cardio Abs right after Pure Cardio is no easy feat, but that’s why its called Insanity folks. The clock on Cardio Abs starts out at 16:45. The warm up (as if we need one at this point) begins with:

  1. Jog
  2. High Knees Arms Straight up
  3. High Knees Twist
  4. Jump Rope
  5. Tuck Jumps
  6. Wide Tuck Jumps

Each exercise is 30 seconds and the routine is about 3 minutes 25 long so its over pretty quick. That does not mean its not hard though. You will definitely feel it in your core. I took a break on the wide tuck jumps.

Insanity Wide Tuck Jumps:
Insanity Wide Tuck Jumps

The rest of the workout is done on the floor. It starts from the C-Sit Position:

C-Sit Position

From this position the moves are as follows:

  1. Twist
  2. Twist with Knee
  3. A-Frame Ab Twists
  4. A-Frame with Knee
  5. Hold Center
  6. Single Leg Raises
  7. Double Leg Raises

There are no crunches at all in Cardio Abs. If you hate crunches you will love this workout. Do not think that because there are no crunches it will be easy. Your core will burn and you will take breaks. That’s a good thing.

Insanity Single Leg Raises:
Single Leg Raises

The final set is done in Plank Position:

High Plank

The moves from this position are:

  1. High Plank Alt Knees
  2. Low Plank Alt Knees
  3. High Plank Pulse Tucks
  4. Low Plank Pulse Tucks

Low Plank Alt Knees:
Insanity Low Plank Alt Knees

I really like Insanity Cardio Abs. I was really impressed being able to work my abs that hard without doing one single crunch or sit up.

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