Beachbody Ultimate Reset Review

I finally completed Ultimate Reset. It has been an interesting 21 days. I learned a lot about myself in terms of will power and my willingness to keep an open mind. For those of you who do not know Beachbody Ultimate reset is cleanse system. I am usually very wary of these types of programs but I trust Beachbody’s product wholeheartedly. I remember when Shakeology decided not to come out with a vanilla flavor because they were not comfortable with the artificial ingredients in vanilla extract. . Instead of generating more income they decided it wasn’t in the best interest of their customers. I think that speaks volumes about the culture and integrity at Beachbody.

What is the Ultimate Reset?

The Ultimate Reset is a complete, 3-phase daily program that provides you with everything you need to Reclaim your body’s natural balance, Release the harmful materials you may be storing within you, and Restore your system to its maximum health.

What the Ultimate Reset Isn’t

No starvation diets. No harsh laxatives. No running back and forth to the bathroom all day long. The Beachbody Ultimate Reset doesn’t punish or deprive your body—it feeds your body with all the nutrients you’ve been craving.

Ultimate Reset Goals:

  • Flush your organs of toxins
  • Improve your digestion
  • Increase energy
  • Have a more positive mood and better focus
  • Lose weight (and improve your BMI)
  • Lower your cholesterol
  • Eliminate dependencies on sugar and caffeine
  • Improve your overall health


Ok, back to the Ultimate Reset review. The program has 3 phases:


Phase 1- Reclaim - This phase will help you balance your body’s inner chemistry and prepare it for positive change.

Phase 2- Release - This phase helps you clear away the toxic materials that may be clogging your cells and polluting your tissues.

Phase 3- Restore - This phase helps you tune your metabolism to maximum efficiency, while helping support your body to maintain future healthy performance.


During the different phases you take a total of 6 supplements:

1. Optimize - Systemic Enzymes that promote healthy digestion and help reduce inflammation.

2. Mineralize - Himalayan Salt – Natural healthy salts to introduce trace minerals back to the digestive track.

3. Alkalinize - Super Green Grasses – Wheat Grass, Alfalfa, Kamut, Barley – To restore your body’s pH balance.

4. Detox - Colon – Rich in fibers- Camu Camu, Chia Seed, Ginger Root, Flax Seed – Restore optimal digestive health.

5. Oxygenize - Cellular Nutrients – Liquid Oxygen supplement that helps eliminate toxins.

6. Revitalize – Pre and Probiotics – Healthy bacteria for digestion.

* All of the supplements are made with organic and natural ingredients.


There is no exercising during this cleanse. The program is a low calorie meal plan. During the 21 day cleanse you are not allowed Alcohol, Sugar or Caffeine. This to me is one of the most challenging aspects of the Ultimate Reset Program. I strongly suggest that if you drink coffee you give it up at least a week before you start the program. This will give your body more time to adjust from the withdrawals of not having Caffeine.

Week 1 – The first week you are eating well. There are Eggs, Chicken, and Salmon on the menu along with veggies and fruit.

Week 2 and 3 – These last 2 weeks the menu shift to full on Vegan. If you are a meat eater like myself you are probably cringing at the thought of an all veggie diet. Its only for 2 weeks so Man up! or Women Up! :) You are aloud to drink Shakeology on the program which I think is a huge plus.


Q & A

Will I be hungry all the time during the Ultimate Reset?

No. You’ll eat three healthy, satisfying meals every day. Most participants found the meals provided them with plenty of food. Just in case, though, we also give you a list of tasty snacks you can eat while still maintaining your Reset.

What’s the difference between the Ultimate Reset and most cleanses on the market?

During the Ultimate Reset, you’ll eat three healthy, satisfying meals every day and take supplements. You won’t starve, drink only juice, or eat only meal replacements. You’ll become familiar with delicious new foods and recipes that will help you maintain your health gains beyond these 21 days. In other words, the Reset isn’t a quick fix. It’s a path to real, long-term change.

Will I lose weight on the Ultimate Reset?

Probably. Most Reset participants have lost weight. However, they’re even more excited to have acquired new, healthy habits and released unhealthy ones. They’ve eliminated cravings for sugar and caffeine, learned delicious ways to prepare fruits and vegetables, and grown more aware of how different foods affect their moods and energy levels, making it easier for them to continue eating healthily.

Can I work out during my Ultimate Reset?

No, for the 21 days of the Ultimate Reset, we suggest you refrain from strenuous exercise. The Reset is already giving your body a serious internal workout. After your Reset, you’ll be ready to resume your Beachbody workout program and benefit even more from your efforts.

I’m on medication. Can I do the Reset?

Check with your physician before beginning the Reset to make sure that it won’t react negatively with any medication you’re taking.

I’m pregnant. Can I do the Ultimate Reset?

No. Your body’s systems are already working hard. Wait to do the Reset another time.

What if I have questions, or need help understanding something in the Reset?

Don’t worry! You’ll have the support and guidance of your Coach every step of the way. And because your Coach has already completed the Reset, she’ll know how to answer your questions from experience.

Doctor Farzam Speaks about The Ultimate Reset

My experience with Ultimate Reset.

The first week of Ultimate Reset was pretty easy for me. A lot of what I was eating is already a part of my current diet. I definitely felt feelings of withdrawal. I don’t think it was caffeine because I had quit that a week prior to starting. I am pretty sure it was sugar. No alcohol played a big part in that. I like a good cocktail and I like my wine at dinner so that was an adjustment for me. It really made me think about the negative effects alcohol are having on my body.

I was anxious going into week two and going full vegan. This was something I never even thought about doing but I kept an open mind and pressed on. I went out to the supermarket and bought all of the items that were on the shopping list. I also chopped up my veggies and stored them in containers for future meals. I did this when I did the P90x and Insanity programs as well. It takes a lot of the thinking out of having to prepare your meal.

I was pleasantly surprised with the taste of the meals and recipes. I still would have preferred some fish with my dinners but it’s only for 2 weeks and a great cause. My body! I like to cook so preparing the meals was fun for me. If you are used to getting takeout or having someone else cook for you this could be a little challenging for you.

The first few days of week 2 were tough for me. I found myself to be a little hungry at times. I was not starving but I do not like any feeling of “empty”.  By the end of the second week I was feeling very good. When I did get hungry I found my self craving veggies or fruit. I was surprised by that because I used to crave carbohydrates instead. It’s a good feeling to crave healthy food and actually be satisfied after eating it.

My energy levels were good as well. I have never been a morning person and I’m still not. In fact I’m pretty sure I never will be. :) With that being said I found it a lot easier to get out of bed in the morning. The only connection I can make for that is getting a better nights sleep. I did notice a big difference in my sleep patterns. I was able to go to bed earlier. I did not toss and turn like I usually do either. I know this because when I woke up I still had my blankets on me and there were no pillows on the floor.

 Keith’s Amazing Transformation


The Cons

  • Alkalinize supplement tastes like grass. Well it is grass! I guess it tastes like its supposed to but I am not in the habit of grazing on my lawn. Plus the neighbors already think I’m strange.
  • Detox supplement just tastes awful. It tastes like some kind of cumin peppery mix of something your buddies would dare you to drink for money. Just shoot it down and chase it with water. I also recommend not using a lot of water when you mix it. That way you have less to drink.
  • Parties – I found this to be a personal con for me. It was really difficult to stick to the program when I had to attend a party. There was a lot of good looking  food “meat” around and I was stuck at the veggie appetizer table. Once I felt full it was OK. The other thing I struggled with was the drinks. I did give in and have some wine. I felt really bad that I did that but it was the only time I cheated on the program.

Tips for success

  • Drink a lot of water. Water is your friend during the program and it will help you flush out the toxins and help you feel full.
  • Prep your food. Make sure you prep anything that can be prepped so that when it comes time to prepare a meal you have everything ready to go.
  • Cook extra. You will be thankful you did as it is easier to eat something that is already made rather than having to cook it all over again
  • Stop caffeine ASAP. The sooner the better. I was glad I quit it before I started. I recommend at least a week before you start Ultimate Reset.
  • Keep an open mind. Keep an open mind. Keep an open mind.

Overall I have to say I just feel better. I feel less anxious. I feel “healthy” and just have an overall better attitude. People have told me I seem less “moody” I guess I will take that as a compliment. I have also had someone ask If I had lost weight. Well I did! I lost a total of 6.5 pounds. That’s pretty good not exercising for 3 weeks. I don’t know if it’s just in my head or not but I really do feel like a new person after this experience. I am happy I committed to it and I will be doing The Ultimate Reset again in the future.


  1. Thanks for sharing your review. It’s been a couple of months since you finished the reset. Have you maintained the meals from the reset or did you go back to your normal eating habits? I’m debating trying the UR because [1] I was worried about going vegan (but I’m talking myself out of that) and [2] I’m worried about reingesting all the toxins the UR helps you clear out. You mentioned you would do the reset again; how often do you think you will do it? Thanks in advance!

    • Hello Gwen,

      I have not maintained the diet. There is no exercise when doing UR because there just isn’t enough calories to keep up with workouts like P90x and Insanity. I need to eat a lot more when I exercise. I never planned to go Vegan so the UR was quite a challenge but its only 3 weeks so I committed to it. I am currently following the meal plans in P90x and Insanity. Both are similar and offer many options that anyone can follow regardless of your eating habits. Plus its summertime and I have to stray a little at BBQ’S :)

      Personally I think I will try to do the UR every 6 months. Keep it organic whenever possible and stay away from processed foods. That’s the best you can do. Don’t stress about what you don’t have control over. Concentrate on what you do have control over. If you need any guidance feel free to contact me. Good Luck!

  2. Matthew says:

    Hello everyone I work at GoodWill I was wondering if I can still do this program even though I’m constantly moving, and lifting stuff for up to 8 hours a day 40hrs a week?

    • Hello Matthew.

      If you drink coffee and use alot a sugar you will most likely feel tired your first week because you need to cut caffeine out of your diet. I suggest cutting it out of your diet a week before your start the program. You can still do the program. With P90x and Insanity you can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour so it would not be wise in that case. You will have enough energy to get through work.

  3. I have doing the cleanse now for 12 days. I have cheated several times with candy and caffeine. I feel like a failure and think I should quit. I figure, what is the point? My results will never be as good as they could have been. I can not afford to start over. What should I do?

    • Do not quit! That would be the worst thing to do. Everyone cheats. Just put it behind you. Tomorrow is a new day…

  4. Keith…My biggest issue/concern with this is that I am a fitness instructor (full time). It’s my job to work out. I can obviously refrain from workouts such as P90X or Insanity but I have to continue to teach my classes. I am a Pilates Instructor but I also teach Barre classes that incorporate low impact cardio. What are your thoughts on this?

    • Hello Amy…Ultimate Reset has been described as an internal workout for your body. That’s a very accurate description. Your supposed to give your body a break from exercise. I believe you would still benefit but you really need to listen to your body if you workout while doing Reset. If you don’t have the energy to get through your workouts you should probably stop the program

      If you can express to your clients what you are doing maybe you can exercise with less intensity until you are done.

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